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1920's Poems

"Fun" By: Reese

Fun in the 1920’s

was the Giants playing

or football flash running

for a touchdown.

flying finn running

for glory

or even Tunney

Rematch going for

a long count shot.

Fun was George Gershwin

writing classical jazz

just like a bird singing or

watching a movie and
eating popcorn like

a bear.

Fun was cars being

upgraded or the

war ending and

people being happy.

"Tough Journey" By: Jada

Mile one, mile two, mile three

how much longer

my feet my hands my arms

it’s like I stepped on a bed of NAILS

not much longer

I just can’t take the HEAT

it’s like I am on the SUN


I see so many fingers just pointing at me

why are they pointing at me!

what did I do

everywhere I went there were fingers

there was many people like me

that had no where to sleep or eat.


"Headed North" By: Peyton T.

The sun was smiling hot as they headed North.

Leaving their homes in the rural South.

They moved North where the money was. Looking for work in the big cities. All for the almighty dollar.

Discrimination, Lynchings and Segregation were rampant. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

But they never gave up. At last African Americans became an URBANIZED POPULATION!

"Miles and Miles and Miles" By: Christiana

Miles and miles all the way,

to get to the same place

every day.

Walk and walk all the way,

gotta go the same place

any way.

Bags and bag in our hands

tryin to get through all

this sand

Please please help me walk

through all the snow,

it’s a long long way

to go.

Long like the Mississippi

river long like ancient

history, just so long to

get to the North.

North North here I come run

run in the sun please

please let us

be done .

"Black Dreams" By: Justin

Harlem is like black people dreams.

That black can’t believe that harlem is the place to be.

Harlem is the place that black people can be as cool as the sun.

When the black people hear harlem they shot out I’m going to move to harlem.

Black people can smile as big as the sun.

"Josephine Baker" By: Taylor R.

Josephine dances all day in Harlem till the sun is gone

When she sings the bad shadows go away

When Harlem is dark she will light the next day up

When Josephine wakes up she wants to rebirth her dancing

When she sings, the birds sing like they are in a glee club

Josephine was a cool singer that didn’t give up her dreams

Josephine is pretty as a rose

When she dances people go Wow! Cool!

"Pizzazz" By: JayLah

Harlem Renaissance is a time to

whirl, sing ,and dance

Move to the beat as

fast as your feet can move to the sound of the jazz music

Its time to boogie down and jump

to the Sweet Cotton Club

The people can hear the sound of the loud crowd whoo and the smooth jazz groove

We hope you enjoyed our poems!