Peter the Great


  • Peter the Great was very curious when he took power. Mainly because he not very educated.
  • Peter ended up spending hours in the "German quarter" of Moscow. This was the area where Dutch, Scottish, English, and other foreign artisans and soldiers lived.
  • Peter learned of the technology that Western European monarchs used in their powerful empires.
  • Peter in 1697, set out to learn about Western ways and spent hours walking the streets of many European cities.


  • Peter the Great worked to build Russia's military power in his earliest days as Tsar.
  • Peter created the largest standing army in Europe along with building a world -class navy from scratch.
  • Peter also ended up setting out to expand Russia's borders to the west and south.
  • Fought the Swedes in 1700.
  • Ended in 1709 with Russian victory and gained territory along the Baltic Sea.


  • Peter the Great had created the Westernization policy.
  • Peter liked the ideas of Western Europe and he ended up forcing the onto Russia.
  • Peter also wanted control over the church and nobles.
  • He forced land owning nobles to serve the state in a civilian position or military position.
  • He also forced these nobles to shave their beards and wear Western-style clothes.

Interesting Facts

  • Peter signed a treaty with China that recognized their right to the lands north of Manchuria.
  • Built St. Petersburg on land won from Sweden.
  • Peter invited Italian architects and artisans to design great Western style palaces.
  • When elite palace guards revolted, he captured 1000 rebels and tortured and executed them and left their bodies outside the palace walls to show his power.