Salty Newsletter

December 02, 2015

Captain Shirley Rigo

Shirley began the meeting with introducing “Music Sweet Music” as one of the charities selected by the Salty Sisters to be represented at the Holiday Party. Founded in 2001, Music Sweet Music is a nonprofit organization that provides music therapy and the special musical instruments used in music therapy. Music Sweet Music contracts with specially trained Board-Certified music therapists to treat children with illnesses, diseases and disorders. This therapy is spreading to schools and Eldercare programs. Ninety-four cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the program.


Barbara Watson introduced her friend, Heather Lalaine. Heather is a new member of SPYC and will hopefully be a Salty Sister soon. Jill Bridges brought her daughter, Shana Tabron, and twin grandchildren who are visiting from California.

Co-Captain Selga Sakss

Selga announced that she has changed the schedule for next week from an educational program to a “fun” sailing day. Please sign-up for either Prams, Ideals, or Race Committee and have some fun.

Wednesday was the annual Candy Cane Regatta that was organized and run by Helen Larsen. The regatta was a combination of 3 races: The Christmas Tree Race (1st Carol Hansen, 2nd Els Wiemken, and 3rd Nancy Kadau and Last went to Camilla Kilgroe), the Candy Cane Race (1st Joy Rudnick, 2nd Anne O’Dell and 3rd Sue Davidson), and the Poker Run where prizes were given to all who participated.

Awards: Tricia BIllings

The Spirit Trophy and charm was awarded to Charl Hadfield who had been on vacation for 7 weeks and missed the original award presentation at the October Annual Meeting. FWSA charms were awarded to Dee Gill & Carol Hansen. Charms were also given to Anne O’Dell, Sandy Ripberger, Janet Walker, Vicki Posner, Sigrid Lovfald, Helen Larsen & Nancy Strite for 100% participation in a series.

A charm was given to Helen Larsen for her many years of work & leadership on the Candy Cane Regatta. Carol Hansen was awarded a plaque from the SPYC Executive Committee at the Commodore’s Ball to honor her yearlong representation of the Salty Sisters on the SPYC Executive Committee. Sigrid Lovfald was thanked for her representation of the Salty Sisters in the Commodore Lucas Cup at PAG a few weeks ago.