The Mysteries Of The Amoeba

The Main Parts Of The Amoeba

An amoeba is a protozoan that belongs to the Kingdom Protista. The cell membrane allows the amoeba to move and bend in different shapes. There are also two types of cyptoplasms in the ameba known as endoplasm and ectoplasm. The food that is digested in this cell is known as the food vacuole. There is also a nucleus which contains the DNA of the amoeba. These are the main parts of the amoeba.Also the places where Amoeba's live are in private little ponds or lakes it's main source of food are living organisms.

How an Amoeba would spend it's day

How an Amoeba would spend it's day

The Amoeba would spend it's day with relaxsation time with wondering around in it's natural habitat which is a pond or a lake. It would then explore for the Amoeba's main source of food which are living organisms. It would then keep wondering around till it was time for the Amoeba to rest.One more thing when an Amoeba goes to catch it's prey it makes its body turn into a different shape.

Kaitlyn Elliott

11-14-14 Core2