GMO Corn Contributes to Obesity.

Why American's should eliminate it from their diet.

Why Corn Makes You Fat.

Corn, by nature, is a simple carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are used in my body, as well as yours, to fuel us through our daily lives by providing a sugar source. This all sounds fine and dandy until you look at what an excess of carbs do to you. When you or I consume carbohydrates they are converted into energy which is readily accesible in the form of sugar. The problem comes when people consume to many carbs in one day and they have all this excess energy in the form of sugar in their body. This excess sugar is converted into fat which is then stored on your body in case of emergencies, a throwback to our times of pre industrialization when we didn't know where our next meal was coming from. All of this stored fat starts to build up on the bodies of Americans, but also people from other countries, until it becomes blatantly obvious. This used to be handy back in the day, but in the modern lives we americans live, food isn't an issue. The issue we face now is obesity. In America obsesity is now labeled as an epidemic and should be treated as such. The amount of corn being consumed in America is rising by exponential amounts, whether it be in the soda or the chicken nugget. This corn, which is a simple carb, is found now in 70-80 percent of our food and drinks. All of these corn products would not be possible without the implantation of GMO's.

What is a GMO?

The most common question asked about a GMO is; What are GMO's? A GMO is a genetically modified organism. Usually these modifications are made to increase yield from a plant and also create a resistance to an herbicide or pesticide. These modifications sound like they would be a boon to society, but society couldn't be further from the truth. All that these modifications have caused are a destruction of crop land, and the implementation of chronic diseases, like obesity. A study undertaken in France discovered that rats, humans lab equivalents, fed a diet of GMO corn become fatter, ate more, and developed tumors at a higher rate than the control group of rats fed a non GMO corn diet. (Philpott)

What it Means to You

So far these have just been broad questions, but lets narrow it down to your life. If you are like the average american 70 to 80 percent of the food you've eaten today has been made from GMO corn. Whether it be the citric acid in the juice or the bun on your McDonalds mcmuffin. If you are like the average American you have already maxed out your daily allowance of simple carbohydrates, But remember you are an average American. The average american will consume much more corn throughout the day, resulting in the conversion of sugar into fat, fueling the obesity epidemic.

Top Corruption Officials

Main Source #1

The book, The Omnivores Delma written by Michael Pollan, There is an entire part of the book devoted to corn, and how we consume it. He speaks about how the government is constantly giving the farmers the run around and how many ingredients contain corn. Just to name a few of the ones he listed, "Citric acid, confectioner's sugar, corn flour, corn fructose, corn meal, corn oil, corn syrup, dextrin and dextrose, fructose, lactic acid, malt, mono- and diglycerides, monosodium glutamate, sorbitol, and starch (baking powder usually contains cornstarch, by the way). Many vitamins also contain corn." These are just a few of what he listed and it makes you think how it becomes possible that 80 percent of what you eat could contain GMO corn.

Main Source #2

When many people look at this blog, they will instantly argue that it is full of biased sources and a bunch of naturalists trying to make a name for themselves. That is why I would like to share a scientific study with you. According to a study found in the Journal of Biological Sciences, entitled A Comparison on the Effect of Three GM Corn Variteys on Mammalian Health, rats fed a diet of GMO corn feed developed tumors and became obese much faster than rats fed a diet of non GMO corn.