Warrior Cats

Erin Hunter


Shadow clan is the meanest on of all that is why there mom and dad died.

The nicest girl in the family is Star clan and she is very shy and mostly never talks to no one. Wind Clan is a boy and he is the strongest cat in the family and really powerful. River clan is the one that manages the river and when they need something to drink they will ask River Clan for some because the magicians had put them all in charge of a job. Thunder clan has more of the power he can control the weather and he likes thunder that is how he got his name.


The place where this happens is in Great Sicomoro. It is a place all filled with magical things. One of there parents friends were the magicians of Great Sicomoro and they used to give cats powers and now they were never to be found on one afternoon.

Plot Summary

There are 5 brother cats that live in the same house. One of them is called Shadow Clan and he is the meanest one of all in the family. Everyone of his family is always telling him if he regrets being bad with his family and he always says no. His parents couldn't stand him. He wants to declare war with everyone. He killed 3 of his brothers and only one was left. He tried to tell him to stop and he wanted him to be on the good side and he still wont budge.


The type of conflict is external Shadow Clan tries to make war with everyone. After he killed 3 of them only one survived . He was trying to pull him back into the goodness.

Three Significant Quotes

"Now everything was coming to my end" said Thunder Clan (page 285)

"Its not you that that can tell me anything said Shadow clan (page 197)

"This is our home and nobody will ever take it away from us said Thunder and Shadow Clan (page 36)