Bulldogger Tech Talk

February 11 - 15, 2019

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5 Digital Ideas to Celebrate Presidents Day - Monday, February 18

  1. Take an AR tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - (Ipad app) The 1600 app will allow users to scan George Washington's face on ANY dollar bill and The White House will pop up. The developers hope this app will give people a better sense of the institution and its purpose.
    ☝TIP: Move your phone around to explore different angles, listen to the mini history lesson and touch the Oval Office to reveal a special surprise. Turn that bill over and scan it with the HP Reveal App for another experience.
  2. Create a Virtual 360 Tour with Google Tour Creator - Students can create their own virtual tour of the White House, or any location for that matter. Simply type in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to be taken to the White House. Twist: Students could use this for a creative writing project to describe what it would be like to be president! For more information on Google Tour Creator, check out this link. Elementary teachers want to get in on this action, check this out!
  3. Guess Who? - Amanda Sandoval created a Guess Who game in Google Slides that she shared on Twitter. Click here to make a copy of her board. Students can create a Guess Who? game for the presidents! Directions for creating and playing the game are included in the slides. There's also a link to her game, Guess What?
  4. Create President Trading Cards Research Project - Students can get on Read, Write, Think's Card Generator to create trading cards for the president of your choice (or theirs if you choose). They will need to research their president to find all of the pertinent information!
  5. President Timeline - Students will research their president and create a digital timeline of their life. Not sure how to create a timeline, check out these resources: Read, Write, Think Timeline Maker, Soft Schools Timeline Maker (great for younger students), or Google Slides! Click here to get a Google Slide template created by The Techie Teacher, or create your own template to share with your students!
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* Easily check Google Calendar and add new events from websites you visit

* A button is added to your toolbar browser that you click to see upcoming events from Google Calendar, without ever leaving the page.

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