About my teacher Coach. Maskew

By Christina wright

What I learned about Coach. Maskew!!!!!!'😃😀😃😀

I learned that Coach. Maskew is an awsome teacher. He waits to get started on the next thing when everybody is done. He helps students when they need it. He makes all the work fun. He also loves to see his students happy. He also wants to make sure that his students like and understand world history.

Coach. Maskew has a masters digree and he also teaches football and golf. He loves football and golf, but football more.

What Coach. Maskew's class room looks like

Coach. Maskew's classroom!!!!!😃😃😃😃

Coach. Maskew's class room is intergetic, help full, pencils writing, and the students Braine working. And every body loves to learn when it comes to Coach. Maskew teaching. His classroom is always laughing because Coach. Maskew is trying to make sure they are paying attention.