December 2015

General Announcements

Progress Monitoring

All teams should have administered at least one reading diagnostic, skills test or benchmark test by this time in the school year. Be sure to scan your scantrons using Eduphoria, so that you are able to run reports that highlight weaknesses for skill remediation. Results should also be entered into the Progress Monitoring Sheets on our Google Classroom through Google docs. Please see me if you have any concerns or problems doing this.

Questions to consider when analyzing data:

  • Analyze- What skills are weaknesses for your classes? How can we help one another? How can you challenge students to meet advanced ratings?
  • Reflect- Are other teachers on your team getting better results with specific objectives? Consider factors? Discuss how you are teaching these skills? Note differences.
  • How do this year’s scores compare with last year’s campus results?
  • Action: Consider observing one another, designing lessons, warm-ups, tutoring ideas.


6th graders will be assessed during Study Skills primarily. Please use the ISIP reports as another measure of student progress. You can also enable the parent portal for students to access at home. 7th and 8th grade teachers, please consider testing your OL students.

Coming Soon

CARA data Analysis and Reflection:

At our January meeting we will be discussing CARA walks and reflect on the Teacher and Student behaviors that have been observed. Thank you for all working so hard to meet our department goals and campus vision and mission!

If you would like to come on walks with me, please let me know and I can schedule one during your planning period. Remember we also have cameras available for you, if you want to video your classroom instruction and reflect on your practice.

Work in Progress

How are you making progress on the following items?

To do list:

Log into Google Classroom and complete a reflection for Unit 1 with your grade level team.

Complete district curriculum survey for Unit 1? ELAR Edge

Update the Progress Monitoring Template

Complete Data Analysis- Team Reflection on CBAP, Benchmark, Unit 1 Skills test etc.

Plan tutoring lessons, PRIDE time remediation activities with your team etc.


Wednesday, Jan. 20th 2016 at 3:30pm

room 609

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