Amulete book 6

A fanticy everyone wants to be in.

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From the cover of the book you can tell that this book is a graphic novel. This book is a Magical kind of book. The book is about a group of heroes. Like any other book they are trying to stop an evil force. Some people in the book are called stone keepers because they got the honor have having a magic stone that can create some powerful energy.


From my view of the book I give it a 5 star rating. The reason why I give it a 5 star is that it's a action packed graphic novel. The book is also pulling in book; some might say it is a non-stop reading book. Another thing is that the book it always did something to make you suspicious.

Favorite quote from the book

My favorite quote from the book is "Logi are you questioning me about my loyalty to the nation of the elf's?".