Coding 4-5A

MP4 Week 6 & 7

Desert Rally Race!

Watch the Virtual Lesson Recordings if you missed chat!
  • We debug the sprites versus the obstacles!
  • There is no Question of the Week!
Program the Pyramid to appear!
  • Condition: wait until time variable = 60 / show
Program Legs to Fly!
  • Condition: IF touching car and life not = 0 THEN change life by -1
  • Position: randomly choose sprites coordinates
  • Submit your Desert Rally program!
  • Remember to "share" your program so I can view it!
  • You have until June 5th to submit!
Chat Recording: Debugging the sprites

Getting rid of the glitch using if/then statements instead of variables!

Chat Recording: Programming Legs

Programming Legs the Octopus to fly around randomly!

Final Mission: Create Your Own Program!

We will discuss the final mission next week in chat!

You will need to include:

  1. Variable: 5 points
  2. Broadcast block: 5 points
  3. If/then statement: 5 points
  4. Animation: 5 points
  5. Sound: 5 points
  6. Text (instruction banner or say block): 5 points

*Do not submit the final mission yet! This submission box is for Desert Rally only!

See you in cyberspace!