appropriate online behavior

By: Adam M. Bergelin


Good cyber-citizens have developed, over the years, a relaxed set of rules for online behavior called Netiquette. Netiquette can be summarized by three simple rules: Remember that there is a human being on the other end of your message, treat that human being with respect, and do not put out any message that you wouldn't be willing to talk face to face.

On the internet you need to be careful on what you say to people and what you do to people. If you are talking to someone that has different views than you then you need to watch what you say. They may take it offensively. Be truthful. Do not pretend to be someone or something that you are not. Do not tell people that you are a millionaire to get friends on face book. Don’t go around say that you are Jason Aldean or Zac brown. Avoid using foul language. Some people may be OK with it but some may get mad or upset over it. So avoid saying swear words or calling people names. Don’t make fun of people for their views it could get you in trouble or the other person very mad. Avoid chastising others for their online typos. To error is human. To forgive is good cyber citizenship. Don’t make fun of people for messing up if they say fin instead of fun don’t go. “Oooooooooo you messed up you idiot.” Say. “Hay you made a mistake there, but it’s alright.” Never try to make people angry cause they may call in and report you or find you. So always be nice on the internet. Don’t go out and try to get people mad or mentally hurt them that is cyber bullying that is just crap.