Operation Weasel Ball

By Niki Greenberg

A year six girl called Ant, who wants to be a journalist, she is having problems a school and at home. She needs to get rid of the unsavory guests and her best friend is hanging out with the Sock Sisters.


  1. Ant's Home
  2. Ant's School
  3. The Carnival


At Ant’s house she has unsavory guests that overrun her bedroom.Ant doesn’t like the carnies and their whippets. There is this article called “The Magpie” which has little Stories about things, Ant is part of it and she had to wright a little story about something. She was having trouble writing something to do with “The Eel” which probably doesn’t exist. Seeing that people know her as the”Carnie Girl” so nobody wants t be her partner until Jem walked in She liked Jem.

My Opinion and Reccomendation

I liked the book because it has a lot of problems that occur and have to be solved.

The book Operation Weasel Ball is a great book to read because it is a mysterious book which has a lot of problems to solve. I would recommend this book to 10yrs and up.