Preventive Care


Breast Cancer

Women get a mammogram to check if they have breast cancer. Doctors say women who are at the age 40 and up should get checked on. To prevent having breast cancer you should stay physically active and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Pap Smears

When women turn 21 they should get checked up by the doctors. The doctors will brush your cervix with a brush and get cells and send it to the lab and check and see if there are any unusual cells. Do not smoke, smoking makes you have a higher chance of getting cervical cancer.

Testicular Cancer

Men should get checked on there testicles because they need to check on if they have testicular cancer. Men can check on them selves by looking and seeing if there are any un usual lumps. At any age you should check yourself. The best time to check yourself is after a hot shower. Also get yearly physicals from your doctor to help prevent getting testicular cancer.

Prostate cancer

All men have the chance of getting prostate cancer. At the ages 40-75 years old you should get an rectal exam. Men 80 and older do not have to worry about getting prostate cancer. Ways of avoiding getting prostate cancer are have a low-fat diet and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.