Advanced Math-3rd Grade

Welcome to Advanced Math!

Advanced Math is a class where we can extend and enrich the math curriculum. We meet once a week in Room 309.

MoLi Stone Unit

We will be delving into a unit titled Unraveling the Mystery of the MoLi Stone. This is a unit developed for gifted students by the Mcubed project...Mentoring Mathematical Minds.

In line with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) recommendations, this unit seeks to engage students in meaningful explorations. To set the stage students are commissioned as mathematicians on an archaeological dig to uncover the mysteries of a numeration system etched on a stone similar to the Rosetta Stone. Their work on the following mathematical investigations will lead them to the knowledge they need to unravel this mystery.

In this unit students will explore our numerations system in depth. We will begin by looking at patterns in our number system and then work with other systems to help discover what constitutes a place-value system and a base system. By analyzing the structure of different systems, students will gain a deeper understanding of place value and base systems.

Specific standards addressed include:

Students will understand the place-value structure of the base-ten number system and be able to represent and compare whole numbers.

Students will recognize equivalent representations for the same numbers and generate them by decomposing and composing numbers.

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When: Tuesday March 9 at 8:15 am OR Wednesday, March 10 at 5:15 pm

Where: Room 309-Mrs. Hunt's room-across from elevator on 3rd floor

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NCAGT Conference

I will be attending and presenting at the North Carolina Association of Gifted Teachers Conference next week in Winston-Salem. I will be leaving after school on Wednesday, March 2 so my Thursday groups will not meet. I apologize for missing so soon after we are starting groups but this is an awesome professional opportunity for me to grow my ability as an AIG Specialist.

Shannon Hunt

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