Pledges Have to Go

How Long has it been......

I'm looking at this picture, it's my darkness, I thought this has been only going in for a small while but I guess I was wrong. By the looks of this, the pictures old, and if we look on more websites you'll see a mountain hole of adults and children agree that not everyone should have to say the pledge, but if you want to, by all means go ahead.

Religious Rights and Reasons

I know that a lot of people are offended of the words in the pledge. Hurtful and offensive words such as "Under God". Who are we to say "Under God", first of all God is many religious beliefs, such as Christianity God is our father and he loves us so I understand why many would say "NO"

Where's Our Rights

How Do the Rest of the People Feel

Stand up

Stand up for what is and you think is fair and right. You can do anything. Make a difference you can do anything if you are okay with pledges think of something else you can do, skip the first part of ,"make a difference" and get right to "stand up and, hope rising".

Join Me

Join me in a fight to the finish to bring this terror down, stop it from every school you don't have to sit there and think..... TALK!

You Can

You can fight this, make a difference but, don't give up, stay together.