By Maarten Dirx

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Our globe

The sea level is rising, the number of wildfires is growing. More severe droughts are occurring, there are more and more earthquakes. Hurricanes and floods destroy houses. These are the reactions of global warming. All these things are already having significant and harmful effects on our health, our environment, and our communities. We need to combat global warming. Otherwise, our world will not be the same as before. We must all do our part to counteract this. We can not blame a person, we have all ensured that our globe is warming. The industry is the biggest cause of global warming. We all have to make sure that we increase the use of green energy. We cannot let this happen just because of a few rich men who want to earn a lot of money!

We are to the cause

We currently have too much CO2 in our atmosphere. This comes mostly from the burning of fossil fuels. But also by cutting down trees so that less oxygen is created.

Yes, we HAVE a choice

If we reduce the emissions of CO2, our globe can restore back. This will make our world safer for our children and for our future generations.

Global Warming 101