Meanwhile, in P.E.....

4th Grade Physical Education Newsletter

Unit Activities

The 4th graders have been rotating through unit skills with each P.E. teacher as well as some grade level game days. We finished up Kicking/Punting, Juggling, Climbing/Tumbling last week and now begin Rhythms. Mark your calendars for Thursday, February 4! The 4th graders continue to begin their PE days with a short jog and a combination of strength and flexibility exercises. We hope everyone had a great holiday break and we wish everyone a happy new year!

Kicking & Punting

In our kicking and punting unit we work on a variety of kicking techniques such as: kicking a ball in motion, soccer style punts, football style punts, dribbling, passing, trapping and much more.

Tumbling & Climbing

In our tumbling and climbing unit students start the first week performing tumbling and low to the ground balances and also work on pryamids. During the second week, we climb cargo nets, ropes, and other climbing equipment. We climb from beneath, on top, forward and backward. We also work on the jumping and landing with the springboard and basic skills with the horizontal bar.


In our juggling unit we use the first week to work on mastering one juggling skill at a time, starting with scarves and progressing to beanbags, rings and clubs. During the second week we add other individual equipment requiring eye-hand and general coordination including cup stacking, stilts, pogo sticks, devil sticks, and moon hoppers. Students are encouraged to try lots of different skills during this week.

Birthday Game Days!

Each month we have all the students with a birthday roll big foam dice in front of all 3 classes. The total number rolled by the birthday students, divided by the number of rollers, will be how much the grade jogs for warm-up. Then the birthday bunch chooses a game collaboratively. Happy Birthday to all of our December through January birthdays!

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