Welcome to In Home Pop-Up Boot Camp

We start TODAY!

Happy Thursday!

I'm really excited to work with each of you to host a fantastic pop-up this month.

Before we begin, I want to give you a little more detail about our goal with this project. Together we are going to go through everything it takes to do a really great in home pop-up. Over the next week we are going to talk about all of those big + little details that the best merchandisers do to have great events. You will have HOMEWORK and you will be held accountable for doing the steps we talk about. Of course, if during this process you feel like any of the techniques I share don't work for your business or your clientele then we will come up with another plan, BUT as I said in the video - it will take work and lots of time on your part - but it's going to be fun and really help your business grow. Having second thoughts? Contact me to let me know you changed your mind about doing this boot camp. Before you do, know that I really want to help and I've seen great success using these tips + best practices. It will be worth it. (and it will be fun) ;)

There are three steps below I'd ilke you to complete by tomorrow. If you have any questions please email me candibykristin@gmail.com or text 281.636.7661

Let's do this,


Ready to talk?

Once you've completed these steps, text or email me your full name and a pic of your completed guest list worksheet! :)

I'll reply with a link to pick our first time to chat! Looking forward to it!