by : blayne jarrett

Erik Fisher vs. Paul Fisher

There are a lot of comparisons and contradictions that I've noticed between Erik and Paul. Some comparisons that I've noticed about Erik and Paul is that they are both really into sports. Erik practices for hours on football and Paul has been playing soccer since he was little. Erik also played soccer, but he quit when he noticed how much more popular football was. A contradiction that I noticed was that Erik seemed a lot more popular than Paul via friends. Erik also seems to be a lot meaner than Paul and has his nose wide up in the sky. Erik thinks that he can boss around everyone while Paul is kind of a wallflower.

All in all I noticed the the major difference was that Erik is a lot more self-assured than Paul.

Tragedy Strikes

On Tuesday, September 5 in the book tangerine, one of the characters died. Mike Castello. He was leaning one hand on the goal post on then he got struck by lightning. Coaches were rushing to give him CPR and ambulances came, but nothing they did could bring Mike back to life because he was already dead. Mikes little brother was freaking out, but his other brother didn't attend the shocking death. Paul's father called to tell them that Mike's family was at the hospital with them and that Mike had been officially pronounced dead. When Paul was dropping off his groceries on the kitchen table though, he heard happy voices. It was Erik and Arthur laughing at Mikes death. Paul noticed that they both got a benefit from this. In the end, we realize that Mikes death was a tragedy but not everyone is sad about it and some benefit from it.

MOYA Close Up

One YA issue that Paul has to face is when he stared at the eclipse. It caused his eyesight to damage and it has effected his soccer career. Another YA issue that Paul has to face is sibling rivalry. It effects Paul and Erik's relationship causing them to feel more like enemies than friends. One last YA issue that Paul has to face is his anger because he got kicked off of the soccer team, this has the chance to effect his relationship with some of his peers and teachers. All in all these YA problems will create an interesting plot for the book and get it "color"

Seagulls kick off game!

Seagulls kickoff game at 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 2nd Starring Erik Fisher!!! Halftime show and consessions!