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Job role:

Automation Software Test Analyst

Author's name:

Richard Bailey

Key Skills


  • ISEB/ISTQB Software Testing (foundation),
  • Test Automation using Selenium, Bachelors in engineering,
  • Business or other related analytics field preferred.

These above skills would be important as they are focused on the exact things the employer wants these skills are required for the employee to work so they are specific to the role the employee will be doing. As the job is a testing job the employees ability to use the testing software is crucial so the skills to use the test program are very important.


  • Strong communication skills,
  • Good understanding of databases,
  • Strong organisational.

The skills listed above are important these general skills because they are good for this job and generally useful in life as well as the employment of this job. the communication skills are useful as it means the data from the tests can be accurately given to the relevant people. This would allow them to change the thing being tested quicker. The organisational skills will help make sure everything runs well


  • Having a hands on approach
  • Determination
This useful for this job as it means you can a direct approach to the business and work directly with those that you are required to do. Determination is needed because this means that if you are given a job you will see it through to the end. This is a good attitude and make employers more likely to keep you as an employee for as long they possibly can.