Technology for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing

By, Maddy Cook

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals need technology for them to be notified if something is happening. Say if there was a fire, there phone is going off, it is time for them to wake up and many other things that deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals need to know. In this presentation there will be 5 different types of technology that deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals need.

Iphone Flash for Alerts

The Iphones LED flash for alerts, flashes its LED light on the back of the phone to indicate that someone just texted or called you. This is helpful for a deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals becasue, they can not hear the alert that we hear when someone texts or calls us. So the flash for the iphone will help them know when someone is tryign to contact them. This piece has changed over the years by, changing how it flashes. For example, the pattern, flashes repetitively, or alot of flashes that slightly fade away. You could find this devise on iphone 4 and up.

Hearing Loop

Hearing loop is a in-ear loud speeker. This system magnetically transmits sound to the hearign aid or cochlear implants. This is helpful to a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing person because, they can hear what people are saying with out an interpreter. The hearing loop has been around for about 25 years. The Hearing loop has changed by haveing clearer sound comeing through them. Also by haveing a smaller hearing aid or cochlear implants. You can find Hearing loops at Wegmans, worship places, auditoriums, business, and at home (if you buy one).

Closed Captioning

Closed captions are a text version of what is spoken on the device you are waching something on, including, television, movie, or computer presentation. It is helpful for a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual because they can not hear what peope are saying on TV but they can read what they are hearign so they can follow alog on the show. Closed captioning has changed over the years by staying alog with the show (not behind or late) another thig that has changed is all TV's must have closed captioning on them. Another thing isnow almost all places on the internet and TV have closd captioning .The display of closed captions at all times on all televisions located in public places, such as waiting rooms, lounges, restaurants, and passenger terminals.


Facetime is an app that you can talk to someone and look/watch who you are talking too at the same time. This is helpful to a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual because, they can see the other person so they can sign back and forth. This has changed over the years, befor this small portible device it used to be a big TV like thig with a phone hooked up. You culd find app on any apple device.

Strobe Light Fire Alarm

The strobe light fire alarm flashes when there is a fire (there is a buzzer that goes off at the same time). Thsi is helpful for a dear and hard-of-hearing individual because they can not hear the buzzer that goes off when there is a fire so with the strobe light they can see it so they know to get out of the building they are in. They have changed over the years by haveing a brighter light that flashes. You would find this device in all school buildings and stores and in deaf and hard-of-hearing peoples homes.