Rat Snake

Is it concerning?

The History

All rat snakes have a similar diet, and are brilliant climbers. Rat snakes come in various colors, because there from the midwest states. When in diffense mode they make there head flatter. The feed on rodents and birds, there in one of the biggest food chains.

Why this is natural selection?

The rat snake is natural selection because it fakes its colors. Some snakes are very poisonous and this snake knows that. So for people and things not to attache it, it makes itself seem as if it were poisonous by changing its color and making itself look like the other poisonous snakes. So simply it uses camouflage to help itself to survive and adapt.

Random things about Rat Snakes

Are great pets people say.

What is the future for the rat snake?

The rat snakes can survive through mostly anything. The ones where as can change into a poisonous snake can survive because nobody wants to go near them. The ones that can not camoflauge into a poisonous snake also can survive because they are mostly in colors where as you can find in the surrounding area.