Bita Mahani 26/2/2004


Full Name: Bita Shahidzadeh Mahani

(two part surname)

Date of Birth: 26 February 2004


Mother: Fariba Farahi

Father: Ali Mahani

Born in: Kerman, Iran

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Most Amazing Achivement

Bita Mahani won Age Champion in athletics in 2013 at Albany Hills State School in Brisbane, Queensland for a result of coming 1st in three out of four events.

The Journey

  • Bita Mahani had been swimming for around four years at the time of the event. Swimming with the guidance of instructors helped her to exercise and keep fit. Swimming also helped her to build up the strength in her body. This helped in the discus and shot-put events as well as the long jump event where she jumped quite well. Teachers helped her and her classmates to understand how to throw a discus or 'shoot' a shot-put.

Education and schooling

Trevallyn Primary School

Prep-Grade 1 2009-2010 Travallyn,TAS

Aspley East State School

Grade 2 2011 Aspley, QLD

St Flannan's Catholic Parish School

Grade 3 2012 Zillmere, QLD

Albany Hills State School

Grade 4 2013 Albany Creek, QLD

Jubilee Primary School

Grade 4-6 2013-2015 Pacific Pines, QLD

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Home and Parents

Bita Mahani lives in: Pacific Pines, QLD, Australia.

Previously: Zillmere, QLD, Australia. Travallyn, TAS, Australia. Dayborogh, QLD, Australia.

Terahn, Iran. Hamedan, Iran. Kerman, Iran.

Bita's Mother was born in Kerman, Iran.

Bita's Father was born in Tehran, Iran.

Most interesting story

At Coomera Comets Touch, Bita and her team, The Rockets, were playing against a team that had moved from the division below them and up to their division. The girls in the opposing team were a bit younger than Bita and her team-mates.

As they were playing the game Bita got passed the ball and ran hard towards the try-line. The feild they were playing in was a bit dark so despite doing well and 'outrunning' the other team's players, Bita accidentally ran past the try-line and into the next field.