Food Critic

We know our food and what everyone else wants

Job Responsibilities

As a Food critic you must be able to deliver clear and constant appraisal of restaurant standards and food quality. Supply original, focused and engaging written copy to newspapers or magazines. Must be able to manage own time effectively to secure additional freelance writing jobs, and must meet published deadline. Depending on the size of the publication, some critics are asked to supply original photography.

Job Skills and Personal Charachteristics

To be a food critic you must have the skills for one. You must be able to understand the readers expectations for food quality appraisal and service standards at various levels. Have an institute appreciation for creative writing, and an articulate gift for words. Personal characteristics are a huge part of being a food critic. You must be nice, polite, and be a good communicator

Training and Education

Most of the people you as will tell you that you don't need a degree or anything to be a food critic, but they are wrong. To be a great food critic you need to get at least a bachelors degree in English, journalism or communication. Also attending a Culinary arts program will help you understand the many aspects of professional catering, and courses of journalism or creative writing will also help drastically.

The Working Envoirment

Short and sweet answer for the working environment. Usually home or food restaurants all over the world.

Average Salary

What is the average salary for such a job? ON average $88,000 per year.