The time I played Paintball

By:Jonas Garrett


Paintball is a lot of fun. Some people take it very seriously and even consider it a sport. To play paintball you need two referees, protective gear, paintball guns, paintballs, CO2, people and a course with obstacles.

There are several ways you can play paintball including capture the flag, capture the sword and protect the castle. If you're playing defense, the objective is to either defend the flag, sword, or castle or if you're on the offense the objective is to capture the flag, sword, or castle. If you get shot with a paintball by the other team, you're out.


It was my first time playing paintball, and I'm not a baby but I was a little scared. I thought that if a paintball hit me it would hurt. As we got dressed to go to play, I saw three kids with four jackets on. I wondered if the paintballs were going to hurt that much. I was over sitting in a corner scared and I told myself that I didn't want to play. When I finally got into the arena it was mayhem! The first time I got hit with a paintball, it stung. It felt like a bee sting. After the first time, it wasn't so bad. Then it was my turn to get someone. I saw a kid running toward me, but he didn't see me. I pelted him with about 20 paintballs. He was covered and gooey green paint.

I knew I would play paintball again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting hit with a paintball hurt? Yes. It may feel like a sting and leave a bruise. You will be required to protective gear including goggles to cover your eyes.

Where can I play paintball? There are many indoor and outdoor courses. You can look online to find one near you.

What do I wear to play paintball? You will want to be completely covered and not have any skin exposed. Loose fitting jeans and a thick sweatshirt are best. Some of the more experienced players by padded gear specifically for paintball.

Is it fun? Yes, if you don't mind getting hit with a paintball. After you get hit once or twice it isn't so bad and you will enjoy it.

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