Dante Aligheri

By: Emily Peach

Aligheri's Education and Lifestyle

Aligheri was born in Florence, Italy in 1265 and that is where he spent most of his life. He attended the Fransican School of Sta Croce and Dominican School where he got his Thomistic doctrine in philosophical culture. He devoted his whole life to his education. Later in life, Aligheri wrote many novels. Some more famous ones are The Divine Comedy and Vita Nuova. Aligheri had a lot of patrons to sponsor his work but the patron depended on his location. He did not just have one single patron to support him.

Aligheri's Works

Aligheri's most famous novel is The Divine Comedy. It was completed in 1306. It talks about taking living things from a sad place and putting them in a happy place ("Dante Aligheri (1265-1321)." Encyclopedia of World Biography). The most interesting thing about this book is that it shows how God can help everyone if they open up and involve him in their life. Aligheri uses terza rima in his poem. The rhyming pattern is aba, bcb, cdc, and so on and so forth. His novel focuses on humanism. It focuses on religion and values being dominant instead of questioning everything they believe in.

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