So what do the successful men and women look like? Attractive, middle-aged people who wear suits and nice clothes all of the time? Maybe. But the most successful people bring much more than that, and I will tell you how to be one of those people.


Yes, believe it or not, some people do not have one of these. Have you ever talked to someone and wanted to fall asleep? Those are the people who don't make it too far in the essence of success. Be engaging, be nice, and LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYES! You wouldn't believe how many people don't do this. It helps to add to the fact that you're interested in what they're saying (even if you're not).


Unfortunately, people do judge you on what you wear. Your presence as the new worker in the office is a heavy one; if people are going to notice you and point you out, at least make sure you look decent while they do it.


Because being charisma and personality are so close together, it only shows how important the two of them are. The charismatic worker can seal the deal right on the spot. Like a successful salesman can. The successful salesman is enticing- makes you want to buy their product. The not so successful salesman might just not dress the right way, might not have the greatest personality, and they might not have any charisma. Take the character Willy Loman for example from Death of a Salesman, he was always talking about himself. Just know, it's always about the buyer.