Choices and Possibilities

Victoria Johnson

Solve your problems on your own

My setting is...

Morris Elementary School, Brody Middle School, Norwalk Middle & Eastview

This is my story...

My plot...

plot #1

When I was in Morris Elementary, I made lots of friends. One friend who was very friendly, was named Seraphina Shelton. I met her when I first got into my kindergarten class. I had a great time in kindergarten, and sometimes I wish I was still in kindergarten. Sometimes my mom tells me that she misses me being a young girl. She keeps singing a song that I knew and embarrasses me. The one thing that worries me is that I don't see my friends from Morris. It has been a hard time thinking about my early life.

plot #2

After I left Morris, I went to Brody where my brother went after he was in 7th and 8th grade. He has been in Weeks after he was in 6th grade. My mom didn't like him being in Weeks. My parents didn't want me to be in Weeks because it was close to the duplex and I wanted to walk home but she says no because there are bad people out there to abandon me. Some teachers were mean so I was upset. I didn't like how they talked to me that way. So my parents decided Des Moines isn't just the right place for us. So we moved to Norwalk.

Plot #3

After I left Brody, I moved to Norwalk. Since I moved to Norwalk last year I have been worried about moving to Norwalk. My parents were worried too. They think it is the right thing to do because it is the way to protect me. I couldn't stop thinking about the day my dog died about 3 years ago, my mom was taking her for a walk. She loves walks. She started walking, and in the middle of the sidewalk, she collapsed, my mom started crying. I started crying too. I was worried about her. So she died. After Zoey was cremated, we were getting another dog. His name was Peanut. But his name was Toby.

The turning point in my life...

I can be independent if I know how to be independent. I know how to be independent because I'm loyal and I know I can handle things on my own. My brother did it when he graduated from Lincoln High School. Maybe he can show me to be independent again if I need it from him.