Biography of Poe



Edgar Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. His parents were David and Elizabeth Poe. Elizabeth Poe died in 1811. Poe went to school when he was 6. He later returned to school in America and continued his studies.


Edgar Allan had no money, no job skills, and had been shunned by John Allan. In 1831, Edgar Allan Poe went to New York City where he had some of his poetry published. Poe had no friends or anything and had money problems. In 1835, Edgar finally got a job as an editor of a newspaper

personal connections

Poe had a very stressful life, he went through a lot. He had many money problems to the point where he had to drop out of school. He got a job and lost it a few times. He lost his wife. I think he is a very strong person. He had a very hard life. I felt bad for him but people change. I’ve been their many times as well. There has been many times when I was much stressed and didn’t know what to do. I lost a job before but got a new job and I love it. I am doing better and better each day.