Physical vs. Chemical

By: Andrea

Physical Property

Physical Property

A physical property is a characteristic of something that can be observed without changing the substance or thing into something else.

Physical property examples

  1. Boiling Point
  2. Freezing Point
  3. Color
  4. Size

Chemical Property

Chemical Property

A characteristic that is observed when a substance interacts with another substance. My own personal defenition is: Something you see when a chemicals reacts.

Chemical Property

  1. Fireworks
  2. Explosions
  3. Rusting metal
  4. Fire

Physical Change

Physical change

A change in matter that does not affect its chemical composition. When something changes it's apperance but not it's chemical.

Physical change examples

  1. Cutting paper
  2. Cutting wood
  3. Chewing food

Chemical Change

Chemical change

A chemical reaction; a process that changes substances into a new one. In other words it is when a chemical changes it's substances.

Chemical change examples

  1. A rusted car
  2. Lighting a light bulb
  3. Burned toast

Chemical change vs Physical change


Chemical Indicators

  • Production of odor
  • Change in temperature
  • Change in color
  • Formation of bubbles
  • Formation of a solid