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EMR and EHR System Implementation Guidelines - Part 3 - Research Methodology

Emr (EMR) System Implementation Guidelines - Part 3 - Research Methodology

This is actually the third article inside a series devoted to discovering the very best practices to have an EMR implementation. The data presented continues to be produced by the writer included in an investigation project.

Research Methodology

The Statement from the Problem (article 1) and also the research questions posed (article 2) lend themselves to some qualitative study in research design (Leedy & Ormrod, 2004). The issue presents issues surrounding real-existence situations and also the interaction of humans and technology as it requires EMR. The data that'll be examined will contain both primary and secondary data. The main data is going to be reactions to some questionnaire and knowledge collected through evaluating reference documents. The questionnaire for use will pose inquiries to research participants relevant towards the awareness of knowledge technology initiatives as well as their failure or success inside a health care atmosphere. The information is going to be examined using standard descriptive record analysis techniques (Leedy & Ormrod, 2004).

Secondary data can come from the specific document screening process that'll be designed according to particular key phrases to involve general and relevancy screening of documents, various files, collections, databases, public and private sector business sources, for example, guides, business manuals, reviews and studies. It's also expected the purchase of secondary data will grant the study implemented to depend upon the valid encounters and sights of others acquired in actual real-existence configurations. Combined, both primary and secondary data should provide a practical method for analysis whereas the information will examined and construed in normative and comparative terms to be able to address the Statement from the Problem under study and supply solutions to all the research questions.

The literature review with this study will represent an essential part from the research methodology and it'll be used because the research sections evolve to recognize information or data and the entire process of document and material screening for relevance and contribution. The literature review may also recognize qualitative and quantitative validity as right for source credibility, yet still time determining additional factors that might be contraindicative towards the outcomes of the study which prevailing methodology.


Findings with the analysis of both effective and not successful EMR projects with specific focus on the identification of individuals practices that directly led to effective implementations will give you awareness in to the context from the problem. Organizations which include using recognized and utilized guidelines will have integrated systems which are more utilized. The study problems themselves can help develop progress toward responding to the sub-questions associated with the Statement from the Problem. Furthermore, the main research interest of the study would be to identify individuals guidelines that may be utilized to make sure maximum effectiveness of EMR implementations and health check up.

In conclusion of the study is anticipated to lead qualitatively towards the overall enhancement from the body of understanding connected by using it project implementations inside a breast check care setting. Particularly addressing the difficulties connected using the implementation of EMR systems where they're potentially unique towards the implementation of the type of systems. The limited assets open to health care companies should be protected against the inefficient results of unsuccessful projects. A qualitative study continues to be considered with this study because it is right for the example character from the problem under analysis. The issue requires analysis of real-existence situations to higher comprehend the abstract character of technique utilized to acquire desirable final results. Qualitative study techniques are in conjuction with the usage of both primary and secondary data that'll be put together and examined (Leedy & Ormrod, 2004). Particularly the effective use of market research to gather the actual encounters of individuals who've been with an implementation will collect data to become examined quantitatively.

Finally, the literature review is an essential part from the study research methodology as it will likely be made clear and utilized to satisfy the mission of the several sections addressing the sub-questions layed out. The literature review may also recognize the credibility from the content as it requires qualitative and quantitative characteristics and it is application and relevancy towards the subject at hands.
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