How the world was created.

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The beginning

In the beginning there was a Big Bang. The Big Bang was an explosion of glasses, matter, energy,etc. It would be impossible to know the world is open, closed, or flat. The world was created 10,000,000,000 to 15,000,000,000 years ago, even though it may be up to 20 billion years ago.


God created the world?

Who was the creator?

Yes, most religious website say that God created the world. So in my conclusion I would say that to be honest with you God did create the world religious wise. Many other sites say things like the world was created every century according to yahoo sites. In my opinion I would leand toward the fact that God created the world because I'm a Christian.

By: Divine


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The creation and the creator are pretty big mysteries. I think the the world was there but some how the creation of humans still keep me in awe. God is the only reasonable person who I would think created the world not because of christianity, but because it just keeps popping up everywhere I search. Maybe it is true maybe it isn't. I just have a nice ooey goey feeling inside of me that g this makes me feel about my answer and my choice. In my experience of doing this very awesome Genius Hour I would say it was the awesome bomb digity bomb!