Newton's 3rd Law: Marble Runners

By Joshua Hart and Mateo Pérez

Newton's 3rd law

Newton's 3rd law, is that any objects reaction, has a reaction. It means that everything you, or something touches, the opposing object pushes back at you. You can't simply go through it, because then there would be no reaction. Whats making your book still on your tables is because of the reaction of the table, and the and gravity.

The Room Number is 399297. You will have to use this website to answer the questions during the lab.

Our Lab: Marble Runners

Materials you will need:
4 Marbles
3 Ruler
5 Strips of Blue Tape

(Socrative Link:)

1. Students that are not at a table, should group up at the red table.
(There should be 7 groups.)

2. Obtain 4 marbles, an a ruler that you were given at your tables.

3. Place the ruler horizontally on the table.

4. Tape the ruler by the two ends to the table.

5. Stack 2 Science Explorer Textbooks on top of each other 10 inches away from both ends of the horizontal ruler.

6. Put one ruler (make sure the ruler's units of measurement is facing away from the horizontal ruler, For example the father the ruler, the greater the measurement.) on top of the left textbooks, and one end of the ruler touching the horizontal ruler.

7. Take the end of the ruler on the textbook side to the textbook, and the other end of the ruler UNDER the horizontal ruler.

8. Repeat steps 6-7 but with another ruler on the other textbooks on the right side.

9. Place one marble in the center of the horizontal ruler.

10. Grab an unused marble, and place it on the 10 inch mark on the left ruler.

11. Place the marble and the 10 inch mark and let it go.

12. Once the marble has slid down and hit the marble in the middle of the horizontal ruler, replace the marble in the center, and place the other marble on the 10 inch mark of the left ruler.

13. Repeat steps 11-12 three times.

14. Answer Steps 12-13 on Socrative. The Question is in the pictures.

15. Place a marble on the center of the horizontal ruler

16. Place a marble on the 10 inch mark on both the left and right ruler. Do not let them go. (Look at Socrative steps 15-18 Hypothesis)

17. After counting to 3, have you and a partner let go of both of the marbles, so that it hits the center marble.

18. Repeat steps 15-17 three times.

19. Answer the last question on the Socrative Step's 15-18.

20. How do you think this lab demostrated Newton's 3rd law? How would you see this applied in everyday life?

After Completing the Lab

After completing the lab and answering the Socrative Step's Questions, Think about these questions. (Answer on Socrative.)

What happened?

How was Newton's 3rd law applied?

How is this used in everyday life?

What would you change or do differently next time?

What have you learned?
Bill Nye and Newton's Third Law