Canadian Hero's

By Cat Rankin

Leadership Qualities

  • responsible
  • Respectful
  • kind
  • Generose
  • Out going
  • Thoughtful
  • selfless
  • Caring
  • A role modle
  • Dedicated
  • Passionate

Louis Riel

I believe that a leader should be courageous, passionate and detected . Louis Riel was all of those things and more. He was so passionate about helping the Metis people that he dedicated his entire life to them. Louis Riel was born October 1844. His mother was a first nations woman and his father was British. He was educated as a lawyer in Quebec until he returned home to lead the Red River rebellion.

He convinced the government to set a side a large chunk of land for the Metis, called Manitoba. Soon after he succeeded in this, he was driven out of the country and was forced to take refuge with a friend in American. During that time it was said that he began to think of himself as a profit of God. When he eventually returned to Canada, he became a representative of a local Metis rebellion and was arrested and sent to jail. Riel was found guilty and sentenced to death on November 16, 1885.

Riel showed incredible bravery when he was defending the Metis people in the Red River rebellion. He was was also very selfless and dedicated to the Metis. Louis Riel is the perfect example of a remarkable leader because he was role model, a revolutionary and never gave up on his believes.

Terry Fox

Terry Fox was an incredible humanitarian, athlete and Cancer research activist. Both Louis Riel and Terry Fox dedicated there entire life to helping others. After Terry Fox lost his leg to cancer he made his life goal to run across Canada raising money for cancer research. He ran 5373 Km with one leg on his run across Canada, but eventually his cancer came back and he died June 28th, 1981. After Terry's death, his family started the annual Terry Fox run to continue to raise money in his name. Over 60 countries all over the world participate in the run and have raised over $500 million dollars in Canada alone.

I chose Louis Riel and Terry Fox because I think both of them have helped change history and are incredible role models. Louis Riel dedicated his entire life to helping win the Metis there rights back. Terry Fox also sacrificed his life to help others, although he did not fight in a gun battle like Riel, he fought a battle against cancer. Both of this amazing Canadian heroes worked were brave, passionate, dedicated, inspirational and helped change history.