Ruby Jolson

The 1920's Life of a Roaring Woman

My Early Life

I group up in a middle class family with two siblings, Edward and Lawrence. My parents were in the stock market, before it was raging. I have always been a quiet child until a few years ago when I met Al. I've recently learned to go after my dreams because you never know what will happen next.

A Little About Me!

About a year ago I found myself. I met Al and got my bob cut. I am also a flapper! I have never been happier with the things I have and my beliefs. Changing from shy to fly was the smartest thing I could have done. Al is making lots of money so we are planning to buy a house and settle down soon, hopefully! I also have some things to share. President Coolidge is the best man to represent America, the new technology coming out is crazy(!), and I love the new jazz era coming around. It makes me just want to dance and makes me realize how happy I am!
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The One and Only, Me!