Hardware and Software flyer


It is something you can touch in real life and you can pick it up, its an actual object. A computer cant run without hardware.

5 inputs on hardware: button, keyboard, microphone, scanner ,tracker ball.

5 outputs on hardware: speakers, printer, headphones, projector, monitor.


Is something you cant touch, either it is in your screen or is a file or folder in your computer. Without software you cant do much or if not anything.

Here are examples of software:




4.Microsoft word


A program is something that you use on a computer that allows you to do different thing depending on the program you are using, here are examples of a program: MS word, MS powerpoint, MS publisher, MS excel, MS notebook, google, internet, firefox.

A Operating system is something your computer runs on, different operating systems have different layouts and sometimes different functions, here are some examples: Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, Debian, FreeBSD.


Inputs are things you put in to your computer for it to read it and to show you the thing on your screen.


Outputs are what your computer/device shows you and tells you, the screen is a output because it is showing you something.


Storage is something that you store information or important things on, it will allow you to save things so you can see them later on when you want them.