Maldives Majesty

Created by: Emma Tatum & Christian Weaver

Place to visit// by:Emma

We picked this place because it's beyond beautiful. It's small and everything seems to be great. People should visit here because it's relaxing and peaceful. It's far away but it's worth the wait for the Maldives!

Physical Feature// By: Christian

Climate// By: Christian

Maldives has a dry season which is in January and February. The remaining 10 months is the wet season. I would say that their climate is hot and humid.

Government// By: Christian

The Maldivian government is Presidential-parliamentary democracy. The role of the citizens is transitional. So it's pretty different from here.

Economy// By: Emma

Their money system is called Rufiyaa. The literacy rate is 93/95. The GDP per capita is $8,800 dollars. Their population has 398,988 people. Their imports are: refined petroleum, planes, helicopters, and spacecrafts. Their exports are: non-fillet frozen fish and fish-fillet.

Culture// By: Emma

In Maldives they have 2 holidays Ramadan day and republic day. One of there favorite traditions is on the last day of the Ramadan holiday they have a certain dance that they do every year. There main language is Maldivian. Their religions are Islam. The most common food is fish that the men take home to their family's every night. The schools are only for grades 1-10. Most of their sports are water sports such as surfing, water skiing, wind surfing, canoeing, and parasailing.

Cities// By: Christian

The capital of Maldives is a city named Male. Two major cities are Gan and the alluring city Mula.