Veterans in America

By: Tyler Wooten , Dalton Williford, and Kaleb Griffin

Homeless Veterans

There are 49,993 homeless veterans in America. That makes up only 11% of homeless people in America and that is 11% too many. 50% of those veterans are 51 or oldear, 51% have serious disabilities, and 70% have a substance abuse issue. Just from these numbers alone you can clearly see how most Americans treat vets. After World War II these numbers were drastically different mainly because of the times. Fast forward a couple of year to the end of the Vietnam War. When our troops were transported out of Vietnam they were told to change to civilian clothing so they would not be mocked or anything else by war protesters.

Veteran suicide

Everyday 22 veterans commit suicide due to multiple things whether it be PTSD or improper healthcare. The reason doesn't matter it is 22 too many. Did you know if all the members of congress committed suicide at this rate they would all be dead in 1.5 months.


Now you may be thinking "How can I help?" There are a multitude of organizations that help combat these situations. If you know someone who is battling PTSD, call or talk to them you never know how much it can help. Below will be a list of organizations that I mentioned.