Dec. 11th 2020

Message From The Principal

Hello Eagle families,

Let's discuss the RVHS plan for 2nd semester. If the county moves into to the RED tier, then we may be able to return students to campus following safety protocols as soon as January 11, although a later start date is more likely.

When we can return to campus, our schedule will be 7 periods per day on Tuesday-Friday. Mondays will be an optional intervention day for students where they can attend in person or join their classes virtually. Until we are able to return to campus, we will continue to use the RVHS Online Block Schedule we have used for the 1st semester.

Our first week of the semester (January 5-8) will be virtual and very different. We will start each day with a 30 minute school-wide Zoom assembly. Students will be given the day's agenda and links daily during during the assembly.

Throughout the week, teachers and staff will offer breakout sessions in the areas of RVHS Basic Information, Mapping My Graduation, Positive Mental Health, Post Graduation Plans and Technology Skills. The daily schedule for the first week will be:

9:30-10:00 Assembly

10:00-11:30 AM Sessions

11:30-12:00 Lunch Break

12:00-1:30. PM Sessions

More information will be posted on the RVHS website and emailed to students and parents. With one week left in this semester, please FINISH STRONG!

We got this,

Tim Dignan


Please note the last two days of this semester we have a final schedule. See the schedule below and we will post it on our webpage.
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Ed Gonzalez

Mr. Ed Gonzalez has been a part of the Rancho Vista team for 3 years. Ed teaches Art class and comes with extensive knowledge from working 7 years in the Graphic design industry as well as 7 additional years teaching art prior to RVHS. Every day Ed shows up and makes a difference in the students' lives and those around him. He strives to make personal connections with the students and does so by providing real life examples of art from his own life. From videotaping himself painting a portrait of the principal to sharing stories about selling his own art in Santa Monica on the weekends. Mr. G, as the students call him, is the first person to express that none of our lives are perfect and nore does art have to be perfect, but that's what makes it wonderful and unique. Mr. G relates with our students on many different levels from sharing similar personal experiences to playing basketball with students at lunch.

Mr. G has impacted the lives of his students through the outlet of art and friendship. He has a big heart and strives to bring happiness and success to those who may not have any. If you get a chance to drop by his zoom class or meet him in person you will find a man passionate about students' lives, and their future goals. He is a great teacher and friend to all staff and students alike. Mr. G you are our employee of the week. Thank you for inspiring us all.

Student Of The Week

Nico Carrillo

Nico has worked hard to make up missing assignments for credits 1-4 and his dedication has paid off, because he is passing with flying colors! Way to finish strong, Nico!

Birthdays To Celebrate

Natalia Gonzalez 12/11

Mr Dignan 12/12

Evan Hernandez 12/16

Ms. Rice 12/17