Half Upon A Time

By James Riley


Jack is son of the thief from Jack and the bean stalk. He and this girl named May go on a quest to find her grandma, the long lost Snow White. During their quest they are being chased by the Hutsman to get May's necklace. That necklace is the last piece to the broken magic mirror and the Wicked Queen needs it to rule the world.


  • Jack- Son of the theif from Jack and the bean stalk
  • May- The Princess Jack falls in love with.
  • Phillip- prince
  • The Wicked Queen- The one who wants the magic mirror
  • Snow White- May's fake grandmother
  • Red Hood- The one who keeps hold of the magic mirror.
  • Big Wolf- May's body guard.
  • Rapunzel- The helper of the journey.


  • Blunderbush
  • Black Forest
  • Wicked Queen's castle


A girl falls from a blue fire hole and lands on top of Jack. Her name is May and she is a princess. Her Grandma is the long lost Snow White. Snow White has been missing ever since she broke the Wicked Queen's magic mirror and took one piece so the mirror could never work again. Snow White left to the real world where they could never catch her. There she had a granddaughter, May. Snow White put the piece of mirror on a necklace she had never took off. When the Hutsman captured the long lost Snow White May found the necklace on the ground. Before Hutsman could catch her May had already left with the necklace.


Now Jack is helping May find her grandma so they can rescue her. But the Wicked Queen sent the Hutsman to go after them. They go to lots of places. When they are about to be killed by a giant a prince named Phillip saves them. And all three continue the quest.


Last, They go to the Black Forest where they find the Big Wolf, May's bodyguard. They go to this place where Red Hood lives. She is invisible. They find the magic mirror and steal it. May puts the piece in the mirror and it starts working. With it they find a way to the Wicked Queen's castle, where they meet Rapunzel in the way. May finds out Snow White was really never her grandma and she does not know who her real family is. The Wicked Queen steals the mirror and goes away in a red fire hole in the wall. Right when she leaves all the spells go away. May and Jack go back to the small kingdom Blunderbush where the three including Jacks grandpa live happy in their small hut.
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