Edmund Kemper

By: Isabella Martino

Biographical Information

  • Born: Dec. 18, 1948 Burbank, CA
  • Mother: Clarnell Stage
  • He had 2 sisters
  • Edmund had a rough relationship with his alcoholic mother.
  • 1 Fact about Edmunds childhood is that he killed his Grandparents because he said "I wanted to see what it felt like to kill."


  • Edmund applied to the police force and got turned down.
  • Edmund dropped out in the 10th grade.

Significant Event

  • 2 days after Edmund slaughtered is mother on April 25th the united states preformed a nuclear test in Nevada's test site.

Detals of the crime

  • Edmund did the same with all his victims he put a gun up to there head and shot and killed them and then after he would have sex with there corpses and dismember them.
  • But for Edmunds mother Clarnell he waited until she got home from a party late at night and took a claw hammer and went into his mothers bedroom wen she was asleep Edmund then removed her vocal cords with a pocketknife and put them in a garbage bag and put them down the garbage disposal Edmund then decapitated his mother and used her head for oral sex and as a dart board.



  • Edmund really just shot most of his victims and decapitated them.
  • Edmund confessed to his crimes after killing his mother.

The Outcome of the Case

  • The Trail of Edmund Kemper was in Oct. of 1973 he was then found guilty in late Nov. for all of his charges Edmund wanted to be punished to death but the judge said no he instead received 8 life sentences.


  • Edmund Kemper is still alive to this day he has no chance of ever getting back out onto the streets again or the real world the only light he will ever see is the one behind closed walls.