Touchdown Quarter

BY: Kirstyn Conroy


1. Mankind is not inherently good because humans do not have a definitive, universal definition of what "good" is, nor the ability to be good.

2. The universe will not "make it happen" if one is not willing to commit to hard work and responsible actions to get their decision to fulfill their desire.

3. Multiple sources synthesis to provide multiple points in an argument, strengthening it and making it easier to understand.

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"Always be there. Even when you are not able to be there, make sure you do something." Kirstyn Conroy

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Power Verbs

Power Verbs are verbs that the writer can use to persuade, argue or add emotion to a point they are attempting to make, such as deliberated, informed, and ruefully.

Elements of a narrative

Elements of a Narrative are the parts within a narrative that make up the piece.

Rhetorical devices

Rhetorical devices make written works better by enhancing language techniques