Bridging the Gap

Alex Haas, Carlos Quintanilla, Madi Torres


In "Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" a man is about to be hung on a bridge, before he is hung he closes his eyes because he was scared. He thought about his family and how he wishes to be with them and then the people who were going to hang him were shot and he escaped. This can connect to anyone who has a strong, loving family that is protective


In "The Yellow Wallpaper" The ripped yellow wallpaper represented women who were trying to escape their depression and anxiety. This story could be connected to anyone who is forced to do something so much it makes them go crazy.


In "The Ransom of Red Cheif" There is a child who is kindapped, but he was such a terrible child that the two people who kidnapped him paid the father to take him back. This could connect to anyone who makes a mistake, and does anything to undo that mistake, at any cost.

What They Have in Common:

Something that these all have in common is they are very tragic in the beginning but somehow in the end it works out for everyone in the story.