"Love For Lockets"

A little hello from your NEW(ish) Executive Team Leader

Hello lovely ladies! Sooooo, I don't want to confuse you by throwing in ANOTHER team name or mentor but I want to introduce myself to those I have not met or communicated with until now. My name is Jennie Tanner and I am your Executive Team Leader directly under our TEAM OWL Director, Heather Moreland.

I promoted to ETL in September and have been trying to figure out how to handle the newly added responsibilities of promoting while also running another full time business so I sincerely apologize for the delay (Heather has super powers that I'm still trying to hone in on)! I currently work my O2 business part time but these days I mostly focus on helping my downline. Don't get me wrong, I definitely still hold several jewelry bars a month to continue growing this opportunity to it's full advantage but with my time restraints I want to make sure I'm available to anyone under me who may have any questions or problems that may arise.

A lot of you have fabulous mentors who have done an INCREDIBLE job training you and have a lot more time to invest in their business to answer questions. However, the beauty of this business is that you can make it what you want depending on your lifestyle. With that being said, I know that many designers do not have the time to invest or their schedules may have changed slightly from when they first signed up, whether they may have had a baby, moved locations, have gotten married, etc. That's why this company is amazing because you can reach out to your upline and lean on them if you need help. As you may know, Team OWL has grown to over 650 members and is growing every single day! My personal leg of Team OWL, known as Love For Lockets, contains over 190 of those members. Poor Heather is getting calls, emails, and texts from every one under that group of 650 and I want you all to know that I now have the same resources that she does since I hit ETL. Therefore I can now take a portion of the work off of her plate so she can enjoy her family and personal life again, especially during the holidays!

From now on if you have any issues that need to be reported through Leadership Care, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me instead of Heather. My contact info is below and I'm more than happy to help! If I'm not able to figure it out then I'll contact someone who can.

Jennie Tanner #1524

Executive Team Leader



As a side note, please remember that this is a business opportunity and that you do have to dedicate a certain amount of time to it in order to keep it going. Whether that's just checking into the backoffice to keep up with the news updates, watching the weekly webinars or following our Team OWL facebook page to stay connected. Please know that we all want each and every one of you to succeed to your maximum ability but we also need you to help us out by keeping yourselves informed on the latest info. It saves both of us a ton of time in the end and makes for much happier (and mostly sane) designers!!

Oh and please don't worry that you will be receiving a whole extra set of emails from me on a regular basis. I know the O2 emails can get a bit overwhelming and sadly the fact is that most of you probably won't even read this one, but what can I do?! Heather will still send out the monthly Team OWL newsletter and any important updates. I will be sending out a welcome letter to each of your new team members so that they know who I am and I may send out a reminder here and there if we have extremely important updates that may need a couple of extra reminders. I will not be starting a new facebook page either, that's just way too overwhelming for all of us to keep up with. I try to assist with answering questions on our Team OWL page as much as possible so if you need anything feel free to ask me there as well (I'm listed under Facebook as Jennie Rose Tanner if you would like to send me a friend request). I hope you all are having a wonderful fourth quarter and hold tight, we're almost through it! Patience is key but it's so incredibly worth it in the end! I look forward to working with all of you and good luck ladies!!