Hey Students

In grades 5-8

Listen Up

There is a problem happening in grades 5-8. Students are repeatedly forgetting to bring their sports equipment to school. It is not allowing you to be physically active and it is preventing you from improving your skills. It is also preventing your team from doing some group drills. The team counts on every member to bring their sports equipment everyday, that includes you!!!

Why is it important to bring your sports equipment to school?

Sports are fun and get you involved in 60 minutes of physical activity 4 times a week. Your teammates count on you to remember your sports equipment, and when you constantly forget it, you are also hurting your teammates. Sports are a great way to end the day, you get to socialize with friends and get all your energy out. Ridley offers you many sport choices to chose from, to make sure you enjoy the sport you play. Also, Ridley plays many games against other schools fighting for the championships. If you don't bring your sports equipment, you won't be able to practice and develop your skills before the games.

How can you help to solve this problem?

We are asking all students to put a reminder on their phone, laptop or any device you may own. If you don't own a device we ask that you please leave a note somewhere were you will notice it in the morning. We are trying to get students to not forget their sports equipment. Please remember to go home and set up the reminder, even if you don't generally forget your sports equipment!!!
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Sports is a great way to have fun, be with friends and be physically active at the end of an academic day!!!!!!!