A Midsummer Night's Dream Project

By Nana Yaw, Maddy, Andres and Hannah

Most Important Quote

"Tomorrow night, when Phoebe doth behold her silver visage in the watery glass, decking with liquid pearl the bladed grass- a time that lovers' flights doth still conceal- through Athens gates have we devised to steal."

Character Analysis

Who is he: He is Lysander.

Why is he significant: He is the main love interest of Hermia.

What type of conflict is this character encountering: At first he loved Hermia but then the flower juice made him love Helena.

Which character trait is affecting the conflict: Love

Character Analysis:Oberon

Oberon: King of Fairies, is an important magical deity in "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and also greatly influences the main characters interactions-even to the extremes of using magic to make Helena and Demetrius fall in love but also in the process making Lysander fall in love with Helena, creating chaos between main characters. Oberon faces an external conflict because it is his desire to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena but ,due to nature Puck doesn't recognize Lysander from Demetrius causing Puck to place the nectar of the "Cupids Flower" on Lysander's eyes making him fall in love with Helena.Overall it is Oberon's extremist trait that influence the story,causing catastrophe and confusion through the main characters but is also the only reason why the story is resolved by the end of the play.

Character Analysis:Hermia

Hermia, love of Lysander, is significant because she adds a lot of the conflict to the scene. She is encountering conflict with her best friend. She just figured out that she has to marry Demetrius. Helena, Hermia's best friend, likes Demetrius but he likes Hermia. This causes her and Helena to get into a argument. Hermias rebellion causes her to run away with Lysander which cause her and Helena to argue.

Character Analysis: Helena

Helena is a very important character in AMND and adds a variety of componets to the story. She is a young and beatiful woman with a needy, emotional, and insecure personality. In our scene, Hermia, Lysander and Helena are fighting. She is important because she adds conflict to the story with her one-way love for Demetrius. Also, during the scene she says, "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind." This contributes to Shakespeare's theme: Love is foolish and irrational.

Character Analysis:Puck

Who is he: He is Puck

Why is he important: He puts the flower juice on Lysander's eye.

What type of conflict is this character facing: He mistakenly put it on Lysander's eye when he was supposed to put it on Demetrius's eye.

What character trait is affecting the conflict: Dumbness

Summary Of "Act 1,Scene 1,Lines 180-217

The Scene begins with Helena and Hermia conversing; Helena is envious of the love Demetrius has for Hermia- while Hermia could care less about Demetrius. The scene ends with Lysander and Hermia revealing their true agendas to Helena.

Summary of "Act 2,Scene 1,Lines 146-182"

The scene begins with Oberon speaking to Puck of a memory he is reminiscing; And reveals the importance of Cupids arrow and how it made special flowers that could make any man or woman fall in love with the next living thing they set their eyes upon. He orders Puck to retrieve one of these "Cupid Flowers", And drop it into Titania's Eyelids - ending the scene.