Course Choices and Changes

Did you know...

At Coppell High School, the administrators and counselors limit students from changing to different learning style courses. Did you know your own child may be stuck in his/her class this year? If your child is struggling in his/her class and needs a new learning style the rules will not allow him to transfer.


Coppell High School administration states that a change of learning style courses for example Pre-AP and GT, AP and AP blended is not allowed because it is an on level change.

Is this Fair?

Some people may believe this to be fair. They could state GT and Pre-AP are both Pre-AP classes and count towards the same GPA points. For those of you that know what GT classes or blended classes are like you can relate that the classes are different. The traditional teaching style is in Pre-AP and AP. The blended learning style and GT learning style are different from the traditional. If one is truly struggling because the learning style does not fit them, they should be able to change.

Is there Hope?

Right now the only way to change this rule is by letting them hear the multiple voices of the parents, students, and others who are for this cause. The google form below will tell the officials that you support the right to change between learning style courses.