San Francisco

in California

San Francisco Facts

I want to visit San Francisco because I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

My destination is so great because it is family friendly and there are many things to see and do.

~San Francisco was originally known as Yerba Buena.

~ San Francisco is one of the richest cities. Irish coffee was invented here.

~ Denim Jeans were invented here.

~Fortune cookies were invented in golden Gate's Park's tea shop.

~The bridge is painted and painted over and over again.

~There is now over 300 coffee shops in San Francisco.

~In 1906 San Francisco was obliterated by a earthquake and massive fire.

~Alcatraz means pelican in Spanish.

~A golden fire hydrant saved Mission-Dolores in 1906.

~San Francisco used to be part of Mexico.


It will take three hours and 50 minutes. It is 1,926.9 miles from where I am now to San Francisco. I will take my Nonie with me. We will get there on a plane. We would stay one week. The plane tickets cost $336 per person. Which is $672 in total.


We are staying in the Fairmont. It cost $1,813 per week. It is only a short walk to Union Square. It is a smoke free zone and pets are allowed. It has a restaurant, a fitness center, and a spa. They have free, high speed internet. I would most likely pack shorts and t-shirts, but I would also pack pants because it isn't quite so hot.


My whole trip will cost about 6,898. My lodging cost 1,813 for the one week I am staying. We have $1,800 spending money. We put in 800 dollars for food.

We are traveling on a plane. The plane trip for my Nonie and I together cost $672.


We will go shopping, sight-seeing, and going to tourist attractions. You can go and see Alcatraz, we will visit the wharf, where we can go to Musee Mecanique. We have a unique opportunity to visit many historical places and learn all about San Francisco.

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