Tulsa Testing Updates: 4/27/15

A Resource for Tulsa Test Coordinators

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Paper/Pencil Testing Return

We are ready for your paper tests whenever you are! Don't forget to bring your testing binder with the copies made for each of the forms turned in to Measured Progress. Also, please make sure we have the necessary paperwork behind each of the binder tabs.

  • Complete boxes A-D and V on EVERY answer sheet
  • Signed Test Administrator and Proctor forms
  • Signed Building Security Forms
  • ALL Return Envelope(s)
  • Class headers for labeling the groups (if you want the scores reported back by class) and yes, these can be copied
  • MP Boxes

Remember, please don't seal the envelopes!

Paper/Pencil Extensions?

The deadline for turning in paper/pencil tests is Friday, May 1. However, if circumstances at your site (invalidations or new students) require additional time for needing tests, please let us know by noon on Friday, May 1. We would like to get the tests shipped back since we have MAP, SRI, and SMI at the end of the year.

Friday's Pearson Deadline-- MAY 1

Check with your SPED teachers to make sure they are on time to meet Friday's deadline for Pearson OAAP. The OAAP Spring 2015 administration window will close at midnight on Friday, May 1, 2015. All student information, test assignments, and portfolio evidence must be entered in PearsonAccess prior to the closing. No student information, test assignments, or portfolio evidence may be entered in PearsonAccess after midnight on May 1, 2015.

DLM EOI Tests Due May 8

DLM has given an extension for all testlets to be completed by May 8. If you have any questions about DLM, please contact Becky.

Last Minute OCCT Reminders

  • Please remind Test Administrators and Proctors to use the 'buddy system' during testing. There must always be 2 trained adults in the room at all times during test administration.
  • Test Administrators should not be using computers during test administration.
  • Test Administrators and Proctors should be observant of what's happening in the room during testing.
  • Test Administrators may have cell phones to use only for contacting the BTC in emergency situations.

MAP and MPG Testing (Grades K-4)

The MAP and MPG test window is open! If you need students moved to different classes on MAP, please email Erin, Becky, or Natalie Hutto. We will get these students moved to the correct class. If the student has no profile on MAP, you can create a new one. Please don't duplicate student profiles- email us to move the enrollment. Remember to assign the correct tests to each grade level.

K-2 will take: MAP for Primary Grades Reading and Math

3rd grade will take: MAP: 2-5 Common Core Reading, Math, and Language Arts

4th graders still on probationary promotion will take: MAP: 2-5 Common Core Reading

Graduation Progress

Graduation Progress pages on PowerSchool reflect the Fall Retest, Winter, and Trimester testing results. Please let counselors know this is up and ready for review. Erin will be emailing 2015 Cohort Information to BTCs by Wednesday. If this information could be reviewed and changes updated ASAP, it will help us make updates to the Graduation Progress page. Please make sure to send Becky IEP modified paperwork for SPED students, signed by the IEP team, with one subject per form.

Contacting Testing

Please copy Erin, Becky, and Vicki on the emails sent this week. Erin is in and out of the office with meetings and spending time at school sites. Becky has been in the office and Vicki is working with test processing in the Elementary/MS test rooms. Erin will not be in the office Thursday, April 30- May 4.
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Important Dates

May 1- All Paper/Pencil Tests Due

May 1-OAAP Submission and Testing Deadline (Pearson and DLM)

May 15- End of Online Testing- All online testing forms Due

Archived Newsletters

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Assessment Team

Erin Lester

Becky Baker

Vicki Shannon

Located at the TPS Enrollment Center- 8AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday